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Collisions can occur on the road at any time. Most people scan the road for dangers to reduce their risks of collisions. Yet, circumstances can change quickly. A person can jump out into the path of your car. An animal can cross the path. A collision avoidance system could help reduce this risk. READ MORE >>

A standard home insurance policy covers your home's structure and the contents of it. It provides a specific amount of protection for the value of your personal belongings. Items such as electronics are a part of this protection if a covered incident occurs. READ MORE >>

Falling objects are not uncommon. Trees can lose branches. Objects can fall from roofs. And many other scenarios exist propel objects toward the ground. When these fallen items strike a car, they can cause a significant amount of damage. In most cases, auto insurance policies may cover this loss. READ MORE >>

Texting has become the number one driving distraction for people of all ages. Avoid temptation and use these tips to stay off the phone while behind the wheel!, which is the official U.S. government website for distracted driving: Five seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road while texting. READ MORE >>

Insurance folks I’ve met over the years may know the story of my daughter Jenna’s car accident. It’s a painful, very personal story. But by sharing it, I hope to help other people avoid this situation. Jenna’s story actually starts before she was born. I was told I could never have children. READ MORE >>

Tips for Creating a Safe Driver Contract with your Teenage Driver If your teenager is on the verge of getting their driver’s license, you're probably questioning how you should talk about driver's safety with them. You also might be thinking of how to explain all of the many risks they will face and how to reduce them. READ MORE >>

1. Honda Civic 2. Honda Accord 3. Ford Pickup 4. Chevrolet Pickup 5. Toyota Camry 6. Nissan Altima 7. Toyota Corolla 8. Dodge Pickup 9. GMC Pickup 10. Chevrolet Impala Did you ever wonder why truck seem to cost more to insure. Did you you find the common denominator. READ MORE >>

Your on vacation and just caught the big one. What better time than to take a selfie and post it on some social media site. Two-thirds of burglaries happen while your not home. Nearly half of a recent Assurant survey found that participants did not have renters insurance and a third believed their landlord or property management company covered their loss. READ MORE >>

It’s unconstitutional for the state of Tennessee to continue revoking driver’s licenses from people who can’t pay court costs, a federal judge determined Monday. The ruling from U.S. District Judge Aleta Trauger will have broad national and state ramifications, said&n... READ MORE >>

Gov. Phil Murphy on Wednesday signed into law a bill that will require all New Jersey residents to have health coverage or pay a penalty, making the state the second in the country to enact an individual health insurance mandate. READ MORE >>

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