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With spring drawing closer, tornadoes and storms are a growing concerned as the calendar turns. Protecting your home is crucial, especially in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Fort Campbell sees more tornadoes than the average rate for Kentucky, which is already higher than the national rate. READ MORE >>

Fort Campbell and its surrounding area is home to dedicated soldiers and their families. Military families face a lot of anxiety and uncertainty day to day. So, when they're at home, it's important that families are at ease, knowing they're protected. What Car Insurance Is Required In Fort Campbell? READ MORE >>

Finding the perfect home in Hopkinsville, Kentucky is exciting. But it's just as important to make sure that home and its contents are protected in case of disaster. This is where home insurance coverage can help. About Home Insurance In Hopkinsville On average, homeowners insurance in Hopkinsville costs around $77 a month. READ MORE >>

A recent survey by the NAIC found that about half Americans did not know the a flood damage was not covered by their homeowners insurance. The online Harris Poll found that nearly a third of Americans incorrectly think that damage caused by a flood is covered by homeowners insurance and about 1/5 are not at all sure if the damage is covered. READ MORE >>

Better-car replacement insurance almost sounds too good to be true. If your car is totaled and you have this coverage, your auto insurance policy could pay for a replacement that's better than what you were already driving. It sounds a little far-fetched, but this is an option offered by many car insurance providers. READ MORE >>

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A plan for a $50-million mixed-use development has been unveiled after commissioners approved funding for a multi-platform event center in Clarksville. The Clarksville Montgomery County Economic Development Council said a Nashville real estate development company will be partnering with the Hand family to bring the plans to life. READ MORE >>

You may want to consider uninsured and underinsured coverage for your vehicle. An un/under policy provides financial protection to you if your car suffers damage for which another party is responsible. It applies only when that party lacks enough coverage to cover your losses. READ MORE >>

Sandra White was on cloud nine after returning to Canada from a dream vacation to Holland with her son. They were in Toronto and ready to part ways when she decided to take a trip into the United States to visit his family at his home in Pennsylvania. But White contracted a severe illness soon after and spent a few days in a U. READ MORE >>

The Cumberland River is a well-known and expansive body of water flowing through both Tennessee and Kentucky. It passes just to the south of both Clarksville and the Fort Campbell area as it meanders between the Volunteer and Bluegrass states. READ MORE >>

Think finances are dull? Well, they can be. However, if you're a young adult who's just getting started on your own, understanding money, credit and other financial planning elements can help make that start so much stronger. So, before you dismiss these topics, take some time to lock down the financial insights below to help secure your financial future. READ MORE >>

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