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For Residents Of Clarksville & Dover in Tennessee & Fort Campbell, Oak Grove & Hopkinsville In Kentucky

Greater Clarksville is a two-state metropolitan area that's home to more than 280,000 people. The population has grown significantly in the last few years, and there is a high demand for property.

The median property value is more than $161,000, but in the end, it doesn't matter if your home is worth one dollar or one million dollars. Such investments need protection from homeowners insurance. Augustine Insurance Group offers exceptional policies that can address all your property insurance needs, all the time. Let us help you get covered.

Who We Insure

Whether you are a new Clarksville resident, or a local looking for a new home, Augustine Insurance's expert agents can help you insure your abode from the moment it becomes yours. We cover all properties, including high-value homes, condos, rental properties or mobile homes. Our guarantee is that every client will get a customized, reliable policy for their home, belongings and family.

What Does A Home Insurance Policy Cover?

All homeowners policies differ, but in general, their purpose is to help you recover from unexpected or unpreventable accidents that occur on the property. They often include:

  • Structure Insurance: This coverage insures your house if it sustains damage from hail, wind, fire, vehicles and other unpreventable hazards.
  • Possessions Insurance: If your belongings get damaged by fire, theft, vandalism or a similar loss, this coverage can repair or replace the items.
  • Liability Coverage: There's a chance someone might visit your home and get hurt. Or, you might accidentally damage their property. Liability coverage helps you pay for their costs of recovery.
  • Loss Of Use Coverage: This coverage can pay you for such costs as hotel or dining bills until you can return home following an accident that makes it uninhabitable.

Policies can also include numerous enhancements, such as:

  • Scheduled Items Riders: If you need to insure high value items — such as jewelry — then this coverage can help you receive full compensation for the item.
  • Replacement Cost Possessions Insurance: If you buy a replacement cost policy, you can insure items for their full values, rather than their depreciated cash values at the time of the loss.
  • Other Structures Coverage: Most policies will not only insure the house, but also storage sheds, detached garages, gazebos and fences.
  • Pet Bite Liability Coverage: You don't want to get sued because your furry friend bit someone or tore up their living room. This coverage can help you repay them with your liability coverage.

Also consider buying a personal umbrella policy. It can give you added liability coverage on top of the limits of your standard policies. It can apply to home, auto and other insurance policies.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

Does homeowners insurance cover an A/C unit?

Your policy might cover a damaged A/C unit. However, it will only do so as long as the type of damage the unit has was covered by the policy. So, if a tree falls onto the unit during a storm, then your policy will likely pay for it. It won't usually cover average maintenance or replacement services, however.

Does home insurance cover mold?

Mold itself isn't covered by your policy if it develops randomly. However, if another accident — such as a burst pipe — causes mold to develop, then your policy might pay for cleanup and remediation.

How long do home insurance claims take?

The sooner you file a claim, the better. Most states mandate that insurers have a set number of days to respond to claims and decide to accept or reject it.

Why should I work with an independent agency?

Here at Augustine Insurance Group, we offer choices to our customers, so you can insure your home with the most-appropriate policy, regardless your special concerns or needs. Plus, as your property changes with the times, we can help you make sure your insurance stays up-to-date. It's easy for us to compare, shop and adjust policies to your greatest benefit.

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